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14 February 2021 / Articles

Why not choose a power catamaran?

The idea of transforming a placid sailing catamaran into a unit powered solely by its engines is not new, nor is the idea of designing a two-hull motorboat…

21 January 2021 / News

How to pick the right Multihull: Everything you need to know before taking the plunge!

Catamaran or trimaran? Luxurious, sporty or a more sober cruiser? New or second hand? And why not a charter/management program?

7 February 2020 / News

Multihulls. More attractive than ever?

If there’s one thing I’ll remember about 2019, it would be the following: the four largest manufacturers of cruising multihulls now generate a turnover higher than that represented by the entire production of monohulls worldwide…

31 January 2020 / Sea Trials

Balance 526 – The Outlier

The Balance 526 is a very good-looking, South African-built catamaran of which 6 examples are currently sailing (numbers 7 through 10 will be in the water 2019/2020…). We haven’t yet had the chance to test one, since all the owners are off making the…

16 January 2020 / Sea Trials

FOUNTAINE PAJOT MY40: Luxury, power and comfort

(Published in Multihulls World) In the spirit of their MY range of comfort and performance, Fountaine Pajot are logically filling the gap between 37 and 44 with this new 40, launched at this year’s Boot Düsseldorf. We discovered this powercat in the cool waters of…

14 May 2019 / Sea Trials

Astréa 42 : A new boat put into perspective

(Published in Multihulls World) In 2009, the Lipari 41 took the place of the Lavezzi, condemned by its canvas bimini and mainsheet traveler in the cockpit. An effective restyling in 2013 extended the career of this popular catamaran (nearly 200 were built), but…

25 April 2019 / Sea Trials

LEOPARD 43 PC A Power Cat full of energy

(Published in Multihulls World) Here at the magazine, we’ve said that multihulls probably represent the future of motor-boating, and though this statement is bold, it really does appear to be coming true. Slowly, however, almost imperceptibly, the expectations of motor-boaters are changing and a new, more environmentally aware clientele are looking at bigger boats. With a […]

10 April 2019 / Sea Trials

Privilège 435/445: Luxury ocean cruising

The Privilege 435, launched in 1999 replaced the 42. The Privilège touch? The famous central ‘spur’, a kind of third hull which doesn’t touch the water. It is clearly visible from the deck, significantly reducing the area of the trampolines.

15 January 2019 / Sea Trials

Mcconaghy 50: A newcomer that’s breaking all the rules

When a leading Australian manufacturer of racing prototypes (albeit one which is still little known among the yachting public) decides to position themselves with one of the leading naval architects in the cruising catamaran market, it demands attention