Outremer 42 secondhand boat: she hasn’t sold her soul to the devil!

(Published in Multihulls World)

The Outremer 42 was the last boat built by the former Atelier Outremer team.  It offered an interesting update on some of the yard’s previous models.  A bit more volume, a more comfortable nacelle… a marvelous arrangement really!

The Outremer story began in the mid-1980s, under the leadership of a visionary and quirky naval architect, Gérard Danson.  He brought us the famous Outremer 40, then the 38/43 versions and then the 40/43.  Stripped back catamarans which were light and very fast, recognizable in a crowd with their fine, curved hulls.  Constructed in good monolithic polyester so that they could be repaired easily at the far ends of the earth, they had reduced interior volume and a very, very limited load-carrying capability.

The architect added a little weight with the addition of inboard motors, then solar panels… but customers were wanting to live aboard for months at a time and wanted more:  the Outremer 42 was the response that Gérard Danson came up with- and this was to be his last design, as sadly the designer passed away before the first model was launched.  There followed a tricky time for the yard, without their charismatic founder.  Then in 2007, Atelier Outremer was taken under the wing of Grand Large Yachting.  And here the career of the 42 was cut short: the new management favoured new, more modern designs.

So what does the 42 offer?  A real plus in terms of comfort, yet not losing sight of the yard’s original philosophy.  The hulls remain fine, and there are still daggerboards for going upwind and balancing the helm.  As for the rig, it carries 94m² of sail upwind.  And as for the build, the yard has remained faithful to polyester, which is cheaper and easier to repair, but is now using infusion techniques and a single mold for both hulls and the nacelle.  As for this, with its large, more vertical windows, and the coachroof overhang, it resembles more some of those boats built in big production runs…

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